Moncaro – Rosaspina Rosato, Marche, IGT


A luminous pink colour with salmon highlights, the aromas are deep and rich recalling wild cherry and apple. On the palate there is appreciable dryness with the savoury fruit and crispness.

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Moncaro observes a single overarching philosophy for its three wine-production sites: the belief that the highest work standards and uncompromised environmental stewardship will lead to the production of high-quality wines. Twenty years’ experience in organic farming has enabled us to bring all of our vineyards under the philosophy of supervised-control viniculture and environmentally friendly practices, with rigorous attention to achieving perfect growth and crop balance in the vines. The highest work standards in the cellar and the most advanced technologies have as their objective the creation of conditions that, at all times, yield very fine wines, which are expression of their local terroir and which preserve the varietal characteristics of the grapes.

research in vine growing and cultivation methods which safeguard the environment

Vineyard management practices 

Classification of the vineyards, according to their soil profiles and microclimate (elevation, aspect, weather), to determine suitability to certain grape varieties and crop yield per hectare is fundamental to quality. All vineyard cultivation practices are carefully followed by the technicians that, togetehr with the over decades experience of our members, plan the management of the vine rows. Integrated pest management and sustainable viticulture are practiced for disease control. Careful winter and summer pruning ensures balanced vine growth. Excessive fruit production is managed by cluster thinning. Multiple-pass harvesting is practiced in order to gather each cluster its optimal ripeness. Decades-long familiarity with our vineyards and with their various grape varieties, as well as constant monitoring of seasonal weather conditions, allow us to plan our vinification methods and schedules before harvesting. All the grapes harvested are graded and coded according to category, sugar level, condition and yield per hectare.

Sustainable agriculture, low environmental impact & organic farming 

Moncaro has begun converting to organic agriculture since 1980. Today more than 60 hectares (ca. 150 acres) are farmed and certified in accordance with IFOAM norms and EU 834/2007 and 889/2008 organic farming regulations. Furthermore, we have derived valuable experience from over 300 hectares (ca. 740 acres) farmed in accordance with EU regulation 2078 on low-environmental-impact farming, a philosophy aimed at minimising chemical usage. These vineyards are an important testing ground for sustainable viticulture practices adopted by Moncaro, which are now applied to all vineyards. Such an approach is aimed at preventing, rather than simply combating, pest attacks by utilising weather monitoring stations and by maintaining vine health so that the plant is stronger and more resistant. The results, as well as the increasing quality witnessed by all the awards received by our wines, include the return of useful insects and even wild animals to our vineyards. The sight of various species of birds, wild boars, hares and deer, even in the more intensely cultivated vineyards, is becoming more and more common.


cutting edge technology and methods united with a passion for wine

Moncaro oenologist Giuliano D’Ignazi directs a young and dynamic technical staff, who also benefits from the valuable assistance and collaboration of world-famous consultant Riccardo Cotarella.  Thanks to technical joint efforts in the past (with Chile and Australia), Moncaro is open to the best of both wine world, the Old and the New. Among the various practices utilised there are: perfect temperature control, extensive use of gentle pressing with membrane presses, fermentation with varietal and specific yeasts and subsequent sur-lie maturation, low-temperature maceration, reductive fermentation, micro-oxygenation, drying of grapes.

Maturation of the wine is carried out in steel tanks or in oak barrels from three to eighteen months, with the Riservas up to twenty-four months. Bottling is done at the Montecarotto cellar. A state-of-the-art, automated bottling line ensures preservation of all the wine’s sensory characteristics, guaranteeing at the same time sterile conditions and wine stability. The wines are then stored in a climate-controlled warehouse that reproduces the temperatures and humidity of a natural cave. The bottles are protected from light and temperature fluctuations, ensuring ideal bottle-ageing conditions until they are ready for release.

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