Did you know that we now offer a wine cellaring service?

Wine undergoes a multitude of changes to its flavours and structure as it ages in bottle. In ideal conditions it can develop complexity, depth and intensity, while in imperfect conditions it can lose some of its delicate aromatics and develop off-flavours.

If the temperature is too high, wine ages too quickly and its flavours degrade. Dramatic fluctuations in temperature can cause pressure changes in the bottle and low humidity can cause the cork dry and shrink, which can allow small amounts of air to enter the bottle, oxidising and dulling flavour compounds and causing vinegary taints. Light is another potential problem, accelerating the ageing process and degrading the wine’s colour.

At Viader, every bottle we sell and cellar is stored in perfect conditions. Our facility is fully insulated and fitted with a Fondis Wine Master unit, which keeps temperature within a constant range of 12-14 degrees Celsius and humidity between 70-80%, with minimal UV light contact.

Prices are 22p per week per 12 bottles, which is equivalent to just £11.44 per year.

Delivery from Reserve.

This can be arranged at any time, following a written request by email or letter.

Delivery is free within Cardiff. Please contact us for delivery outside Cardiff

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